LUNDBERG is the sole source for state taxable sales and shares. Heavy in-house research allocates sales of independent marketers to their suppliers; the results include more than 5,000 tax-paying entities.

CHEVRON narrowly stopped the killing of the Texaco brand, when it gained the right to the brand with Shell in July 2004, and exclusive control in July 2006. What happened to the Shell's shares? How do the "Super-Majors" look in territories dominated by the Super-Indies?
What niches have been carved out by the likes of Hess, Tesoro, Valero, and Lukoil?

AVOID BOGUS estimates, sloppy approximations, double-counting of gallonage, and out-of-date information when dealing with gasoline sales data and shares. Use Lundberg.

Your purchase of Lundberg Market Share Reports arms you with decision-making data and ongoing referential intelligence all year long. (PREVIOUS YEARS AVAILABLE.)


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