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CSP:October 11, 2021:
Europe's Renewable Fuels Reliance Hitting U.S. Gasoline Pumps
Retail margin loses again

AP:September 27, 2021:
Average US price of gas up by
a penny per gallon to $3.25

CSP:September 27, 2021:
Upstream Wins Again
Downstream margin losses protecting consumers

AP:September 12, 2021:
Average US Price of Gas Rises
2 Cents Per Gallon to $3.25

CSP:September 13, 2021:
Gasoline Demand Prospects Dimming …
… But refiners, retailers in decent defense position

AP:August 29, 2021:
Average US price of gas drops 2 cents
per gallon to $3.23

CSP:August 30, 2021:
Watchword: Volatility
Oil, COVID and Ida fight for gasoline price control

CSP:August 16, 2021:
Crude Oil Price Break Blesses Refiners
Marketers, retailers hope it flows downstream

AP:August 16, 2021:
Average US price of gas rises
3 cents per gallon to $3.25

AP:July 26, 2021:
US price of gas rises two cents per gallon to $3.22

CSP:July 26, 2021:
Gasoline Price Rises Petering Out, Crude Willing
Retail margin awarded one-penny gain

WP:July 13, 2021:

AP:July 11, 2021:
Average US price of gas rises 5 cents per gallon to $3.21

CSP:July 12, 2021:
Refiners, Retailers Took Their Nickel Back
Gasoline price now $3.21 per gallon

AP:June 27, 2021:
Average gas price rises to $3.15 a gallon;
San Francisco has highest price in nation

CSP:June 28, 2021:
Crude Oil: What, Me Worry?
Downstream gasoline margins suffer, motorists limp to pump

AP:June 14, 2021:
Average U.S. price of gas rises
2 cents per gallon to $3.13

CSP:June 14, 2021:
Bounty Upstream, Deprivation Downstream
Price resistance allowed gasoline up 2 just pennies

CSP:May 24, 2021:
An 8-Penny Pittance
Gasoline prices up on Colonial, corn

AP:May 24, 2021:
Average gas price jumps 8 cents
per gallon to $3.10

CSP:May 10, 2021:
Cyberattack Holds Colonial Pipeline Hostage
Ransomware halts refined oil delivery

AP:May 9, 2021:
Average U.S. price of gasoline tops $3 per
gallon; Tulsa's price $2.69 at QuikTrips

Dow Jones Global Energy Roundup: Market Talk, 4/26/21

CSP:April 26, 2021:
Spring Demand Getting Price Battered
Gasoline prices resume rising

AP:April 25, 2021:
Average US price of gas jumps
2 cents per gallon to $2.96

CSP:April 12, 2021:
Pump Price a No-Change, May Drop From Here
Retailers forfeit gasoline margin, refiners gain


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