Lundberg In The News
CSP:July 15, 2024:
Oil, Beryl and Swelling Business Costs
Retail gasoline price hike is the first since mid-April

CSP:June 24, 2024:
Pump Price and Margin Both Drop
Oil’s ‘risk premium’ worsens

CSP:June 10, 2024:
OPEC Will Hike Production (Probably)
Oil price drop helps cut pump price by 12 cents

CSP:May 21, 2024:
Pump Price Loses a Nickel
Consumers hurting, demand running scared

CSP:August 07, 2023:
Sad Motorists Helped Bring Down Pump Price
First gasoline price cut of the year

CSP:April 23, 2024:
Oil Prices ‘Wait-and-See’
The U.S. downstream enters the sun

CSP:April 08, 2024:
No Let-Up for Retail Margin
Oil, spring regs hit gasoline prices

CSP:March 25, 2024:
Oil’s Risk Premium Growing
Pump price up 14 cents in 2 weeks

CSP:March 13, 2024:
Pump Price Is Up a Dime, More Hikes Likely
Oil price push dovetailing with start of high gasoline demand season

CSP:February 19, 2024:
Paris Vs. Vienna?
Crude oil leading pump prices higher

CSP:February 05, 2024:
Oil Just Doesn’t Know What’s Up
Pump price jumps 6 cents

CSP:January 22, 2024:
Oil and Gasoline Prices Barely Change in 2 Weeks
How long will they be frozen?

CSP:January 09, 2024:
Will Oil Break From Its Price Inertia?
Pump price slippage, but upward price pressure building

CSP:December 26, 2023:
Houthi Rebels, Straw on the Camel
Is the pump price crash ending?

CSP:Dec 11, 2023:
Oil Price Appears to Turn Its Back on OPEC
Pump Price drops 16 cents

CSP:November 20, 2023:
Oil Market Removes Risk Premium From Price
Pump price drops again

CSP: November 06, 2023:
Pump Prices Down, Back in Sync With Oil
Downstream gasoline margins improve some

CSP:October 23, 2023:
Pump Price and Margin Both Down
Project this—oil price up, down or sideways?

CSP:October 12, 2023:
Pump Price Drops 12 Cents, With More to Come?
Oil price crashes, trembling from Middle East news

CSP:September 25, 2023:
Oil’s New Price Range, Motorists’ New Pain
Pump price 20 cents over year-ago price

CSP:September 12, 2023:
U.S. Downstream Loses to World Producers
Oil price hikes coming to the retail pump

93.5 MNC:August 23, 2023:
Gas prices drop slightly, but may soon rise again

CSP:August 21, 2023:
Gasoline Supply Pressure to Ease
Is this the end of the retail price hike?

CSP:August 07, 2023:
Pump Price Jumps 23 Cents to $3.90
Oil supply to tighten further

CSP:July 24, 2023:
All Signs Pointing Up
Gasoline prices following crude oil higher

CSP:July 10, 2023:
Built-In Stress May Send Pump Prices Higher
Oil hikes about to hit wholesale, retail


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