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CSP:June 1, 2020:
The Supply vs. Demand War
Pump price up again but may not hold

AP:May 31, 2020:
Average US gas price up 8 cents
over 2 weeks to $2.05

CSP:May 18, 2020:
The Essential Retail Gasoline Gymnastics
The end of the pump price crash: up a nickel

AP:May 17, 2020:
Average US gas price up 5 cents
over 3 weeks to $1.97

CSP:April 27, 2018:
A Glut of Everything Except Demand
Gasoline price plunge continues

AP:April 26, 2020:
Average US gas price drops 9 cents over 2 weeks to $1.93

CSP:April 13, 2020:
The U.S. Gasoline Market Disaster
High margin no cure for retailers

AP:April 12, 2020:
Average US gas price drops 14 cents
over 2 weeks to $2.01

CSP:March 30, 2020:
Gasoline Demand in Quarantine
Pump price down 23 cents, with far more to come

AP:March 29, 2020:
Gas prices in Minnesota dip
due to shrinking demand

CSP:March 16, 2020:
No Spring Price, No Spring Demand
Gasoline market under arrest

AP:March 15, 2020:
US gas prices down 15 cents
over past 3 weeks, to $2.39

AP:February 24, 2020:
US gas prices steady at $2.53
per gallon over past 2 weeks

CSP:February 24, 2020:
Retail Gasoline Price: No Change for Two Weeks
Global oil demand will dominate U.S. pump price direction

CSP:February 10, 2020:
Is a Turnaround Afoot?
Pump price down again on oil price, gasoline supply

AP:February 10,2020:
Gas prices down 7 cents per gallon to
$2.53 in past 2 weeks

CSP:January 27, 2020:
Pump Price Down on Record-High Gasoline Stocks
Headlines battle for oil price control

AP:January 27, 2020:
Gas prices fall 4 cents a gallon
to $2.60 in past 2 weeks

CSP:January 13, 2020:
U.S. Oil Turns Its Back on the Middle East
Retail gasoline price uptick may prove fleeting

AP:January 12, 2020:
Gas prices jump 4 cents per gallon
to $2.64 in past 3 weeks

CSP:December 23, 2019:
Crude Prices Up, Gasoline Margin and Pump Prices Down
The market is awash with gasoline, and U.S. downstreamers are losing

AP:December 22, 2019:
Gas prices drop 4 cents per gallon to $2.61

CSP:December 9, 2019:
OPEC Is Cutting Back, U.S. Refiners Aren't
No sizable pump price cuts likely in near future

AP:December 9, 2019:
Cheapest Gas in the Nation--- Right Here

CSP:November 25, 2019:
Pump Price Dips as Supply-Demand Balance Shifts
Lack of oil price volatility a big reason consumers are paying less

AP:November 24, 2019:
UAverage US price of gas drops
3 cents per gallon to $2.66


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