Got Street Prices?


Our readers and clients' feedback on our Share of Market reports, our station lists, wholesale price surveys and more, is usually so positive that our ads write themselves! Here are just a few recent comments that happen to address our CUSTOM RETAIL GASOLINE AND DIESEL PRICE SURVEYS:

“I’m so glad Lundberg still drives to the station for the street price! I’ve tried other ways, but they’re hit or miss."

"Wow Lundberg, you guys are great, even putting our requested address changes in on weekends. Thanks!"

"Wow, retail price survey changes made the same day of our request. Now that's customer service. Thanks for the quick turnaround."

"That was quick! You even got a station we thought would not be open until next month."

"You don't find the Lundberg level of customer service very often anymore."

"We couldn't be happier with Lundberg. You guys are much more responsive than [a competitor]."

"We have to check that [unproofed pump price survey] website company every day to see what somebody claims is our price, because the public comes in expecting that price. It's hardly ever right. It's a big problem when the price they claim we have is way below the truth. I don't know where they even get the price or who the heck is putting it up."

Lundberg Survey is unique in our ability to visit the stations you specify in a tight time window, and email or ftp the information the same morning.

Are having store employees collect nearby street prices getting you down? Are unproofed internet data dumps more trouble than they are worth, due to gaps and glitches? Would you prefer to choose the sites you want surveyed rather than leave it up to some unknown webmaster? After all, you know your competition, they don't!

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