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Daily on-line price services, gasolines and No. 2, nation wide. Gasoline shares by brand by state by month. Precise taxes. Retail margins. Station profiles with retail market shares, complete address, and facilities. Full brand detail or on average. Local, regional, national. Current hot data or long, long ago.

Price reports for all three classes of wholesale trade each day. Total barrel supply/demand surveys. Lundberg Survey has over five decades of independent service to the industry.
We may have just the report you need, or will design one to your specs.

Also, many say our newsletter Lundberg Letter is must reading.

Question: How can a newsletter accomplish what ought to take an army of field personnel and specialized in-house staff of number crunchers and analysts?

Answer: It can't. But a periodical tied to such a field army and staff can and does.

Lundberg Letter and Lundberg Survey at your service. For additional information, please visit these links:

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