May 2022


  • Market shares were significantly changed in 2021 due to uneven regional demand recoveries, refiner strategy changes, pullouts, station sell-offs, debrands/rebrands, as well as changes in advertising and gasoline price personality. How will your territory (or your suppliers') or your competitors' territories be affected?

  • Chevron saw the biggest increase in market share among majors.

  • Marathon, Shell, and Exxon were the only other majors that increased share. Motiva suffered the largest decline in market share. The Atlas reveals the results in a state by state landscape.

  • Costco enjoyed an increase in market share.

  • Marathon retained the top U.S. market share. This and much more contained in the Lundberg market share Atlas.

AVOID BOGUS estimates, sloppy approximations, double-counting of gallonage, and out-of-date information when dealing with gasoline sales data and shares. Use Lundberg.

The 2021 Share of Market Atlas gives you U.S. maps for selected majors and independents. You get individual company gasoline marketing territories, color-coded, and state market shares by brand. Nineteen selected companies for 2021 include: BP, Cenex, Chevron, Citgo, Delek, ExxonMobil, Flint Hills, Gulf, HollyFrontier, Irving, Marathon, Motiva, Par, PBF, Phillips66, Shell, Sinclair, Sunoco, and Valero.

To see example of market share map for Citgo click here.

Separate Report: The Lundberg Retailer Gasoline Share of Market Atlas includes gasoline market share for seventeen of the nation's biggest gasoline retailers. The Retailer Atlas includes BJ’s, Casey's, Costco, EG Group, Hy-Vee, Kroger, Kum&Go, Kwik Trip, Maverik, Meijer, Murphy, QuikTrip, RaceTrac, Sam's Club, Sheetz, Thorntons, and Wawa.

LUNDBERG is the sole source for state taxable sales and shares.  Heavy in-house research allocates sales of independent marketers to their suppliers; the results include more than 4,000 tax-paying entities. The Atlas is the result of one full year of data collection, research and analysis by Lundberg specialists.
Your purchase of the 2021 Atlas arms you with decision-making data and ongoing referential intelligence all year long. Special discounted rates are available to Lundberg Share of Market Report subscribers. [Note: Prior editions dating back to 1968 are also available for historical comparison purposes.]
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