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CSP:June 24, 2019:
Big and Small Events Converging on Gasoline Prices
Has the pump price crash ended?

AP:June 24, 2019:
Avg. Gas Price Drops 11 Cents

CSP:June 10, 2019:
Gasoline Price Slide Right On Time for Summer
Downstreamers chasing sales likely to shrink margins

AP:June 10, 2019:
Average US price of gas drops 9 cents
per gallon to $2.84

CSP:May 20, 2019:
Pump Price Run-Up Finally Halted
When will the deep price-cutting begin?

AP:May 20, 2019:
Average price of gas drops 3 cents

CSP:May 6, 2019:
Stars Aligning for End of Gasoline Street Price Surge
More margin recovery for refiners and retailers

AP:May 6, 2019:
Average US price of gas spikes
5 cents per gallon to $2.97

CSP:April 22, 2019:
The 2019 Gasoline Price Surge
When and why will it end?

AP:April 21, 2019:
Average US price of gas spikes 13 cents per gallon,
Baton Rouge has lowest average

CSP:April 8, 2019:
Margin Recovery At Last, But Just 3 Cents
Pump price up another 12 cents in past 2 weeks

CSP:March 25, 2019:
Pump Price Up Another 16 Cents
Retail gasoline margin now ridiculously low

AP:March 24, 2019:
Average US price of gas jumps 16 cents
per gallon, to $2.66

CSP:March 11, 2019:
Pump Price Continues Climb
Retail gasoline margin critically low

AP:March 11, 2018:
Average US price of gas jumps
6 cents per gallon, to $2.50

CSP:February 25, 2019:
Crude Oil, Refining Cutbacks and Now Spring Blend
Pump price jumps a dime—is more to come?

AP:February 24, 2019:
Gas prices up nationwide

CSP:February 11, 2019:
The Good News: Demand Growth Awakens
Retailer gasoline margins shrink as pump prices edge up

AP:February 10, 2019:
Average US price of gas jumps a
penny per gallon, to $2.34

CSP:January 28, 2019:
The Pump Price Crash Has Crashed
Price up, retail margin up

AP:January 28, 2019:
Average US price of gas jumps
2 pennies per gallon to $2.33

CSP:January 14, 2019:
After All-Time Best Year 2018,
Retail Gasoline Margin Back to Earth
Is the pump price crash finally spent?

AP:January 14, 2019:
Average US price of gas drops
12 cents per gallon to $2.31

CSP:December 26, 2018:
OPEC Cuts, Retailers Regain Margin
Gasoline price crash continues

Erie News:December 24, 2018:
Drivers Get Gift at Pumps:
Lower Gas Prices

CSP:December 10, 2018:
To Motorists, With Love
Gasoline prices slide another 22 cents


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