Lundberg In The News
CSP, September 8, 2014:
2014: The Best Gasoline-Margin Year of All Time?
Winter-blend likely to extend
downhill pricing trend: Lundberg

AP, September 7, 2014:
US gas prices fall, extending summer decline

NBC, September 7, 2014:
Gas prices continuing to drop,
here’s what you can
expect at the pump

Reuters, September 8, 2014:
US gasoline prices continue to fall: Lundberg survey

Bloomberg, September 7, 2014:
US gasoline falls in Lundberg survey

CSP, August 26, 2014:
Pie for All
Pump price down another four cents, says Lundberg

AP, August 24, 2014:
Survey: US gas prices down 4 cents per gallon

Reuters, August 24, 2014:
U.S. gasoline prices continue to drop -Lundberg survey

Bloomberg, August 24, 2014:
Lowest Crude Since January Cuts
U.S. Gas to $3.48, Lundberg Says

Bloomberg, August 10, 2014:
U.S. Gasoline Price Falls to $3.5206 a Gallon in Survey

CSP, August 11, 2014:
Pump Price Drops Tapering
Retail margin slips, says Lundberg

Reuters, August 10, 2014:
U.S. gasoline prices continue to fall- Lundberg survey

AP, August 10, 2014:
Survey: US gas prices down 6 cents a gallon

CSP, July 28, 2014:
Refiners to Retailers, Motorists: You're Welcome!
Pump price down 9 cents; first big
drop of 2014, says Lundberg

AP, July 27, 2014:
Survey: US gas prices fall 9 cents to $3.58

Reuters, July 27, 2014:
U.S. gasoline prices tumble on back of
refinery cuts- Lundberg survey

Bloomberg, July 27, 2014:
U.S. Gasoline Prices Falling on
Production, Lundberg Says

CSP, July 14, 2014:
Retail Margin Is Golden … For Now
Gasoline price down on Libya, Iraq, says Lundberg

AP, July 13, 2014:
US gas prices drop 4 cents to $3.67
a gallon as crude prices fall

The Phil Flynn Energy Report, July 14, 2014:
Peaked Oil

Reuters, July 13, 2014:
U.S. gasoline prices dip in past
3 weeks - Lundberg survey

Bloomberg, July 13, 2014:
U.S. Gasoline Falls to $3.6699
a Gallon in Survey

Bloomberg Radio WBBR, July 14, 2014:

KCRW, July 14, 2014:

CSP, June 23, 2014:
Downstream Deflated
Refiners, retailers shielded motorists
from oil hike, says Lundberg

AP, June 22, 2014:
US gas prices rise slightly to $3.71 a gallon

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