Lundberg In The News
CSP:February 13, 2017:
Opinion: Winter Cold Hits Retail Fuel Margins
As wholesale prices climb, retail margin gets slashed

CNBC:February 13, 2017:
US gas price drops 5 cents over
3 weeks, to $2.31 a gallon

AP:February 12, 2017:
US gas price drops 5 cents over 3 weeks,
to $2.31 a gallon

CSP:January 22, 2017:
Opinion: Retailers Get a Margin Reprieve
Pump price slips; is there more to come?

CSP:January 9, 2017:
Opinion: Pump Price Up 12 Cents Over 3 Weeks
Everybody got some extra margin—except retailers

AP:January 8, 2017:
US gas prices jump 12 cents over
3 weeks to $2.38 a gallon

Bloomberg:December 18, 2016:
U.S. Gasoline Rises 5.83c to $2.2580/Gal in Lundberg Survey

CSP:December 19, 2016:
Opinion: OPEC’s Muted Oil Price Effect
Pump price up, but overall 2016 showed a big drop

AP:December 18, 2016:
US gas prices jump 6 cents over
2 weeks to $2.26 a gallon

WKZO-AM:December 5, 2016:
OPEC decision means likely gas price hikes

CSP:December 5, 2016:
Opinion: OPEC Boosts Prices at the Pump
Retailers get slammed by cutback agreement

AP:December 4, 2016:
US gas prices hold steady despite production cut

CSP:November 21, 2016:
Pump Price Slips Despite Oil-Price Bump
Retailers and refiners chase gasoline sales, as retail margins grow

Fox News:November 21, 2016:
Gas Prices Drop Ahead of Holiday Weekend

AP:November 21, 2016:
Analyst: Gas prices dip to US
average of $2.20 per gallon

CSP:November 7, 2016:
Where Did the Oil-Price Decline Go?
As retail margins widen, these signs point to an imminent crash

AP:November 7, 2016:
Average gasoline price up nearly a
penny to $2.26 a gallon

Bloomberg:November 6, 2016:
Colonial Restarts Largest U.S.
Gasoline Line After Blast

Bloomberg:November 6, 2016:
Gasoline Rises 0.80c to $2.2613/Gal
in Lundberg Survey

CSP:October 24, 2016:
Gasoline Market Thumbs Nose at Crude
Seasonal factors keep prices in check—for now

AP:October 24, 2016:
Average gasoline price down 4 cents to $2.25 a gallon

CSP:October 10, 2016:
Retailers' and Refiners' Margins Slip
As downstream profits narrow, upstream gains

AP:October 10, 2016:
Gas prices up 4 cents to $2.29 a gallon

CSP:September 26, 2016:
Gas Prices Get Over Biggest Summer Hurdle
Is the pump price increase about to end?

Bloomberg:September 25, 2016:
Avg. price for regular gasoline at U.S. pumps +4.04c to
$2.2523/gal, according to Lundberg Survey Inc.

AP:September 26, 2016:
Gas prices up 4 cents to $2.25 a gallon


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