Lundberg In The News
Reuters:February 7, 2016:
Average U.S. gas price drops 8.2 cents
in two weeks: Lundberg

The Energy Report:February 8, 2016:
Gloomy Moody Monday

CSP:February 8, 2016:
Are Refiners Ready to Cry ‘Uncle’?
Pump price slide continues, oil prices shuffling

AP:February 7, 2016:
The average price of gasoline has
dropped 8 cents over the past two
weeks, to $1.82 a gallon

CSP:January 25, 2016:
Seven-Year Low at Pump
14-cent drop in two weeks

Reuters:January 25, 2016:
Average US gas price drops 14
cents in two weeks: Lundberg

The Energy Report:January 25, 2016:
Dude! Where’s My Car?

AP:January 24, 2016:
Gas prices plunge 14 cents
over past 2 weeks

CSP:January 11, 2016:
2016 Begins: Refiners Slashing Wholesale Prices
And retail margin recovers

AP:January 10, 2016:
Average price of gasoline drops a penny over
the past 3 weeks to $2.05 a gallon

Reuters:January 10, 2016:
Average U.S. gasoline price falls 1
cent over three weeks -survey

Bloomberg:December 19, 2015:
Gasoline Falls Below $2 a Gallon for
First Time in 6 Years

Reuters:December 20, 2015:
U.S. gas prices fall to lowest in more
than six years: survey

CSP:December 21, 2015:
Pump Price Lowest in Nearly Seven Years
Oil prices ebb again

CSP:December 7, 2015:
Crude's Price Cut Is Spent (For Now)
Retail price bottom at $2.10 is near or here

Reuters:November 22, 2015:
Average U.S. gasoline prices resume
slide, hit 10-month low: Lundberg

CSP:November 23, 2015:
Fair Winds at Gasoline Retail
Pump-price crash resumes, thanks
to crude and refiner-margin shrinkage

CSP:November 9, 2015:
Price Stability at the Pump?
While 19-week price crash ebbs, no spike in sight

CNBC:November 9, 2015:
Average US gasoline price edges higher,
ends 19-weeks of losses: Lundberg

AP:November 8, 2015:
Survey: US gasoline prices up a
penny over past 2 weeks

CSP:October 26, 2015:
Crude Oil Restarts Pump Crash
Downstream faring better than it did
during full calendar year 2014

Bloomberg: October 1, 2015:
Exxon and PBF's California
Love: Liam Denning

AP:October 25, 2015:
Survey: US gasoline prices drop
10 cents over past 2 weeks

Reuters:October 26, 2015:
US gas price trough continues,
down 10.5 cents a gallon

CSP: October 12, 2015:
End of the 2015 Price Slide?
“Wild ride down” done; more downstream
margin martyrdom not likely

Denver Post: October 11, 2015:
US gas price dip slightly but
slump may be ending


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