Lundberg In The News
CSP:Marc 12, 2018:
Retail and Wholesale Gasoline Prices, Margin Hold Steady
Price trend looks unchanged, but isn't

CSP:February 26, 2018:
Pump Price Defies Crude Oil—For Now
Factors point to resumption of price rise

The Energy Report:February 26, 2018:
Oil Super Cycle Resumes

AP:February 25, 2018:
Average price of US gas falls 6 cents,
to $2.59 a gallon

CSP:Feruary 12, 2018:
February a Bridge of Fuel Seasons
Pump prices jump, but may now rest

AP:February 12, 2018:
US gas price rises to US$2.65

CSP:January 22, 2018:
Full-Year 2017: Fuel Prices, Taxes, Margin All Up
Oil prices cost retailers another penny of margin

The Energy Report:January 22, 2018:
Doubling Down

AP:January 21, 2018:
Average US gas price jumps
4 cents to $2.58 for regular

CSP:January 8, 2017:
U.S. Retail Gasoline Margin Slashed by Half
Crude-oil prices bump pump prices, more to come

The Energy Report:January 8, 2018:
The Super Cycle in Oil

AP:January 8, 2018:
Average gas price jumps 3 cents

CSP:December 18, 2017:
A Bright Moment for Retail Margin
Pump prices drop, more on the way?

AP:December 18, 2017:
Average US gas price drops 3
cents to $2.51 for regular

CSP:December 4, 2017:
Pump Price and Margin Both Drop 7 Cents
Whole downstream took oil price hikes on the chin

AP:December 4, 2017:
Gas prices drop over 7 cents
in two weeks

CSP:November 20, 2017:
Refiners’ Supper Goes to Retailers
Pump price edges up, no more to come?

Monday, November 20, 2017:
Oil Up Cycle. The Energy Report 11/20/17

CSP:November 6, 2017:
Pump Price Trend Reversal: Up 7 Cents
But a surge from here is unlikely

AP:November 5, 2017:
Average US gas price jumps
7 cents to $2.58 for regular

CSP:October 22, 2017:
Post-Harvey, Where's the Rest of the Price Cut?
Pump price and margin drop again

AP:October 23, 2017:
Average US gas price falls
a nickel to $2.51 for regular

CSP:October 9, 2017:
Normalizing Prices, Margins
Retail gasoline prices drop another 7 cents

AP:October 8, 2017:
Average US gas prices fall 7 cents
thanks to crude costs

CSP:September 26, 2017:
Post-Harvey and -Irma, Fuel Industry Scrambling to Normalize
Pump price falls 7 cents; more to come

AP:September 24, 2017:
Average US gas price drops 7 cents
as refineries bounce back


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