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CSP:December 10, 2018:
To Motorists, With Love
Gasoline prices slide another 22 cents

AP:December 10, 2018:
Average US price of gas drops
22 cents per gallon to $2.51

CSP:November 19, 2018:
What's Up With Retail Gasoline Margin?
The oil-price crash is having an effect on downstream

AP:November 19, 2018:
Gas prices drop ahead of Thanksgiving travel week

CSP:November 4, 2018:
Shift in Global Perception of Oil Supply
Retail price plunge and retail margin climb continue

AP:November 4, 2018:
Average US price of gas drops 8
cents per gallon to $2.85

CSP:October 22, 2018:
Harvest Time at the Pump
Retail gasoline price falls, retail margin rises

CSP:October 7, 2018:
Refiner Gasoline Margins Tight
Pump prices jump 7 cents, may climb more

AP:October 7, 2018:
L.A. Holds Highest Average Gas Price in
48 States as Average U.S. Rate Surges

AP:September 23, 2018:
Average US price of gas drops a penny
per gallon to $2.90

CSP:September 24, 2018:
A Month of Pump-Price Stability
But downstream shorted both gasoline margin and demand growth

CSP:September 10, 2018:
Transfer of (a Little) Wealth
Refiners hand retailers 2 cents per gallon

AP:September 10, 2018:
Average US price of gas is
steady at $2.91 per gallon

CSP:Augst 27, 2018:
Whipsawed Retail Gasoline Margin Slips Again
On the bridge of seasons, a hunkering down for station operators?

CSP:August 13, 2018:
Retailers Gain, Refiners Lose
Pump price bumps up, but the trend is probably over

AP:August 12, 2018:
Average US price of gas rises
2 cents per gallon to $2.93

CSP:July 30, 2018:
Gasoline Retailers Between 'Rock and a Hard Place'
Margin is squeezed and demand is soft

AP:July 30, 2018
Average price of US gas slips 3 cents, to $2.91 a gallon

CSP:July 16, 2018:
Pump Price Slips a Penny
Little relief for motorists on the near horizon

AP:July 15, 2018
Average price of US gas slips a penny, to $2.94 a gallon

CSP:June 25, 2018:
OPEC Raising Output Less Than Expected
Already arresting pump price slide

CSP:June 11, 2018:
Thanks, Crude
Retail renewal: Gasoline margin decent again

AP:June 10, 2018:
Baton Rouge maintains lowest gas
prices in the country

WZDM:May 22, 2018:
Reasons for Gas Price Spike Explained

The Energy Report:May 21, 2018:

CSP:May 21, 2018:
Pump Price Reaches $3 Mark
Tough times for retail margin


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